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Navy Blue colour 2019. When you look at the Director a little more closely (and click, for example, in the circle of colours on the right) you will notice that posts about colours in the interior were already plenty :) And so I wrote, among others white, gold, turquoise, pink, and recently with interiors in blue. Behind us are also two interesting digressions: interiors in autumn and winter colours. What colour is missing to complete our interior design palette in your home/apartment? Navy blue? :) I must say that this is one of my favourite colours. The interiors are made in shades of navy blue are TREATMENT, SELECTABLE, ELEGANT, SECRET ... The navy colour in the interior, in addition to what I wrote above, is a special colour that is grateful when it comes to interior design. Why? It's hard to overdo it (although the fact - when we paint our salon in shades of pomegranate, and is not well-lit, in the final effect, we can get a hole in the ditch, which we probably would not want). Navy blue in the interior combined with white, grey, beige will create a subdued, calm, elegant interior. For this, when we enter the room, whose leading colour is navy blue, strong, intense additions in warm colours, we will get an interior full of passion, character and it's very expressive We create the space in which we find ourselves, both the external and, above all, internal, that is, our houses, flats, bedrooms ... Let's not be afraid of designing and arranging the apartment to express ourselves, our style and individuality, my Self. And at the same time, let's not forget that apart from white, yellow or blue, there are other colours, including navy :)

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